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Do you have fears, phobias or other health issues? Maybe hypnotherapy is right for you.

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On April 24, 201 4 Willow-Glen will have been in Caledonia for 8 years.

During this time we have had the privilege of helping many people in Haldimand, Hamilton and the GTA who have sought to make significant changes to their lives. We are truly grateful  to these wonderful people who, by demonstrating the courage to try something new and unknown, have given so much back to us through their appreciation, love and ultimate success.  We are proud to be a part of this community and to have played a small part in your lives.  Thank you!

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If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought again!

Clinical Hypnotherapy

An Introduction

For many people the word hypnosis conjures up images of swinging watches, mysterious gestures or people clucking like chickens!  In fact, many of the associations people have to hypnosis are based on myths.

The purpose of this introduction is to help you understand more about clinical hypnotherapy and how it might be helpful in your health care and personal objectives.

Some of the most common myths are:

  • When a person is hypnotized they are in a deep sleep.
  • Hypnosis takes away self-control
  • The hypnotist can make you do or say embarrassing things.
  • After hypnosis you don’t remember anything that happened.

Hypnosis: The Facts

While many people report that they find hypnotherapy to be extremely relaxing, relaxation is not an essential part of hypnotic work.  The subject is not “asleep” at any time.

In fact, people are often surprised to find that when using hypnosis, they remember everything that is said, as well as everything that happens.

If you choose to use hypnosis in your treatment you will be in control at all times, and cannot be induced to do or say something that you do not otherwise want to do or say.

Perhaps the best definition of hypnosis is “a heightened state of focal awareness or absorption”.   When we use hypnosis, we are inducing what is called a trance – a naturally occurring phenomenon that many people experience frequently.

Common examples of everyday trances include:

  • Allowing one’s mind to become absorbed in thought while driving
  • Feeling so engaged by a movie or conversation that the passing of time goes unnoticed
  • Daydreaming and fantasizing  

Every client is treated in the strictest of confidence!

In clinical hypnosis, one simply learns how to enter a trance deliberately in order to work on a counselling or health care issue.  In this state, the mind and body are more open and receptive.  This can be a helpful tool as you pursue your treatment goals.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Most people wonder about this.  While some people have more natural hypnotic ability, most people can be hypnotized.  Furthermore, like musical ability, hypnotic ability tends to increase with practice. The role of the hypnotist is to help you to find the best way for you to go into a trance.

Common Uses of Hypnosis

On its own, hypnosis is neither therapy nor health care.  Rather, it is a tool that can help us accomplish other things together.  Some common applications of hypnosis include:

Why You Should Choose Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields of alternative healing; and with good cause because it works!  Yes, some people (a rapidly diminishing number) may be somewhat leery of hypnotherapy; this is due primarily to their lack of understanding of how it works .

There are several reasons to choose hypnotherapy for a number of treatments.  Hypnosis just may be the solution you are looking for.

You should choose hypnosis because there are so many benefits that it offers:

Hypnosis is completely natural. Actually, everyone goes into a state of hypnosis at least three minutes every hour without even realizing it. Examples:

  • when you get deeply engrossed in a book or movie, 
  • when you have driven along a familiar route and arrived at your destination without remembering your trip,
  • You were in a natural state of hypnosis.
  • Hypnotherapy has many physical benefits. 
  • Hypnosis reduces stress, which can cause physical illness. 
  • It increases the flow of endorphins and serotonin (natural chemicals in your body causing a “natural high” and increasing energy)
  • Hypnosis strengthens your immune system, as well as promotes better sleep, leaving you feeling rested and in control. 

Join the millions of people who have opened their minds to hypnosis  and changed their lives forever.

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Helena Cataford is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and oldest hypnosis organization of its kind.  Helena is a Reiki Master Adept.  She is the founder of the Willow-Glen Hypnotherapy & Reiki Clinic and is dedicated to developing programs that motivate and help people change unproductive behaviors.

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